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What should you do if you want to buy a sex doll, but you can’t come up with a larger budget to buy a sex doll because you are an ordinary office worker, a student, a middle-aged person who needs to support a family, a young person just starting out in society, or an older person living on a retirement salary?

This article will answer your question – how to choose a cheap sex doll online when you have a smaller budget and a limited budget!

Consider saving budget in terms of smart and non-smart.

The same design, materials, workmanship, intelligent and non-intelligent sex dolls, personalization options such as full customize, there must be some difference in price, after all, the intelligent part of the cost, like an “accessory” to increase the intelligent features, the natural price to be higher.

If the budget is limited, you should give up the intelligent sex doll, choose non-intelligent sex doll, such as 140cm best sale sex dolls.

Although non-intelligent TPE sex dolls will be at a disadvantage in terms of smart sound, body temperature and other possible smart features, but because non-intelligent sex dolls are also quality products, so in addition to the conceivable can not make a sound, not automatically heated, other aspects, smart and non-smart sex dolls will not be too different!

What’s more, some people may not like intelligent dolls yet?

The rest is to choose a moderate height sex doll, generally about 140 – 150CM height sex doll, or quality thin waist sex doll, slim body sex doll, both real, not too heavy and not too light weight, is the type of most users choose, in the case of limited budget can also visit, they offer premium quality TPE dolls at different price points, and most of the customize features are available for low charge.

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