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It looks like Kennedy is about to make my favourite salad. It’s an odd way of preparing the zucchini (or do we say cucumber?), but I am certain not even Gordon Ramsey would have any complaints about this particular approach.

That’s a mean pair of heels she’s donning there as well, for whatever that’s worth. Perhaps the extra bit of height is exactly what she needed to pull off this particular party trick and she knows that because it’s not her first time doing this.

Where they find all of these girls is beyond me to begin with. It’s hard to believe that you can corral so many teens of this calibre together in one place but to then convince them all to get naked, have their pics taken and shared for the entire world to see… it seems like an impossible task. And then you realise the power of money.

So say whatever you will, but rich guys will always get the pussy so better make sure you work hard and work smart.

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